Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ku Klux Klan to host PROTEST in Nahunta, GA

Reporting from Nahunta, GA;

I got to spend the day in a small southeastern town called Nahunta, GA! When I say small, I mean hole in the wall small! The town is a quiet, very peaceful place to pass through with some of the niciest people I've had the opportunity to meet!

Now I'm sure you're wondering...if you already do not know, why exactly would I be iReporting about this town? Well, this Saturday the small, peaceful Georgia town is going to make its "debut" on the map! The Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan are making their entrance into town Saturday to hold a protest! What are they protesting? According to the city officials: illegal immigration, child molestation, the refusal of prayer in school, etc!

Now all those topics anyone could agree with, but let's remember who's doing the protest; the KU KLUX KLAN! Last time I checked, it was 2010 and I honestly believed that this group would have disappeared by now! Not only me, but the town itself! When the Klan approached them about this rally city officials said, "we were blown away". This "protest" has caused intense anger among citizens and people from surrounding areas! One thing the City Clerk Angela Wirth did mention to me was for everyone to know, "We in no way support this group and we have done all we can to avoid this rally, but we must remember this is their CONSTITUTIONAL right and there is nothing the city can do to stop them!" Mayor Ronnie Jones addressed his citizens in a letter to help ease tensions and possibly deviate anyone from starting any problems!

City officials have beefed up security for Saturday, including local Nahunta Police Officers, Georgia State Patrol, plain clothes undercover US Marshals, and Georgia Sharp Shooters. Not only will these officers be in place but a security buffer between the Klan and crowd will be set up. The city is taking security extremely serious and warns for NO ONE to start violence or bring weapons! One of the Sheriffs on duty said, "as long as EVERYONE is peaceful we will have no problems!" The group told the city during a security meeting they will be peaceful and refrain from foul language!

According to local citizens, rumors are the NAACP will be making an appearance and other anti-Klan groups are expected as well. The Knight Riders told the city they are expecting close to one hundred Klan's men from Georgia and surrounding states! Locals argue that the mix of this group with other opponents could lead to trouble and turn violent! City Clerk Angela Wirth said, "We want them to come and leave as soon as possible so this can all be over!"

The city plans to close US 301 starting at the intersection that crosses with US 82 to the Southeastern Bank north about 3 blocks up!

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