Friday, February 19, 2010


Reporting from Douglas, GA:

"Their first question was, what will the NAACP do about this?" These are the words of Mr. Edward DuBose, State President of the NAACP Georgia State Conference. I was privileged to speak with him this morning on the phone, although he was very busy with a national directors' meeting in New York City.

We spoke about tomorrow's events in Nahunta, GA. Since the news broke last week, a lot of attention has been paid to the "hole in the wall" town in southeast Georgia. If you are one of the few who are still in the dark on this topic, you should probably start at the bottom of this page and work your way up. But if not, this is a NEWS UPDATE for us all.

"My initial thought was that here is another moment that they want to take advantage of for striking fear into a community," Mr. DuBose elaborated. His feeling toward this mess demonstrated his deep concern for the safety of the community.

"People began to call me, and they were angry, upset."

He told me this was not the first encounter the NAACP has had with this group; they will be there Saturday to reinforce their efforts of establishing a safer Georgia. "It is time to cease their efforts to terrorize and put fear in the hearts of people in communities, and we are not going to allow that to happen anywhere in Georgia."

He and his leadership committee have met and are continuing to discuss the events for Saturday. The rally will begin at noon at the Southside Baptist Church on 301 Highway South. Mr. DuBose said that "We're putting together an entire program, so our event may very well extend longer simply because we want to send a clear message in this area and really to Georgia that we are not standing back silently why groups who have terrorized communities in the past try to then use those same tactics now!" He also said that if the proper paper work was achieved he wanted to hold a peaceful, nonconfrontational prayer in the area of the Klan's protest.

Special thanks to Mr. Edward DuBose, President of the Georgia State Conference

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