Saturday, February 20, 2010

"STOP THE ILLEGAL INVASION!" Shouts Georgia Grand Dragon Gregg Wolf

Reporting from Nahunta, GA;

Today was the big day for the Ku Klux Klan rally in the small, rural southeastern township of Nahunta, GA. Many news reporters from South Georgia and North Florida made their way to the small town today to film the highly controversial Klan protest. More than 100 officers from four branches of law enforcement (Department of Justice, Georgia State Patrol, United States Marshall, and local law enforcement) filled the scene as the HUGE crowd anticipated the arrival of the Knight Riders. In addition to normal officers, a mobile command operations unit as well as sharpshooters provided additional security to patrol the event.

Roughly one thousand people from many parts of the state of Georgia and north Florida lined the streets, and believe it or not, most were in support of the Klan. Dixie Outfitter shirts, rebel flags, and loud trucks paraded the area all morning as law enforcement prepared the courthouse for the rally. On the other hand, the NAACP was present to oppose the rally; several of their members from nearby chapters and the Georgia president of the NAACP Edward Dubose voiced their concerns with the Klan's rally. Sheriffs and state patrol officers were also in heavy attendance, making their presence known everywhere. Today was one day "to walk the line" in the peaceful town of Nahunta.

The group arrived in their personal vehicles with a state patrol escort to an enclosed parking lot directly behind the courthouse. Once assembled, the Klan began their speech sometime shortly after twelve noon with maybe twenty of its members rallying in support. They were fully dressed in white robes with their signature cone-shaped hats. However, in accordance with Georgia law, the "secret" faces of the men were not allowed to be covered! (But apparently sunglasses might work just as well.) Several prominent leaders of the Klan, including the Georgia Grand Dragon Gregg Wolf, spoke mainly about illegal immigration and how the "Mexicans" were taking the "white man's" job. He also spoke about child molestation and prayer in schools. As to be expected, every point made by the speakers was followed collectively with enthusiastic shouts of "White Power!"

At the end of the day, the rally ultimately ended peacefully, considering the fact that no one was harmed or arrested. The individuals said their farewells to Nahunta and the Georgia State Patrol escorted them out of the city.

On a personal note, I felt like there was a lot of irony in this event. The Klan preached about job loss and the "white man" being replaced by immigrants, but by hosting this event today, a majority of the Nahunta businesses were closed in response to the rally. Not only was the effect felt locally but also statewide. The cost for extra (but necessary) security will cost the state of Georgia in the thousands of dollars. Over this past year, the state has been forced to cut jobs and furlough employees, but it is required to provide security for this "free speech"!

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