Friday, February 19, 2010


Reporting from Douglas, GA;

I just got off the phone with Jerry Jones of Southside Baptist Church of Nahunta, GA. The event originally scheduled for tomorrow at 12 has been cancelled! What started as a prayer service for the multi-denominational and multi-racial local residents of Nahunta, according to Pastor Jones has escalated into a publicized political rally. He mentioned, "I knew nothing about the NAACP rally, I was surprised to hear because this was an event for the local concerned citizens of the Brantley County Ministry Alliance."

Due to the explosion of media and possible outsider attendance, the event was cancelled. The pastor went on to elaborate, "We are concerned about our local citizens, and the event has grown well beyond what we were prepared to handle. The only event planned at the church was a prayer service for the local citizens. We unfortunately must cancel because we felt uncomfortable bringing our citizens into the mix of these outside groups who are here to protest the Klan!" He further said, "I'm sure if there is a rally the city will provide them with space I guess!"

The pastor said although the event is canceled for tomorrow a date will be set for a future prayer service! He apologized for any miscommunication and inconveniences!

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