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Tour de Georgia returns with Austen Hutto and Anna Hancock's revisit to the Extreme Makeover Set.

Reporting from Pine Mountain Valley, GA;

Crowds of people started pouring into the Season Finale set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The William's Family of Pine Mountain Valley, GA was selected as the lucky family for the new 4,155 square foot modular home. Jeremy, Jennifer, Josie, and Jacob returned from their vacation in Colorado to the ever so famous bus scene. Tears and hugs filled the area as the crowd screamed "MOVE THAT BUS"!

In case you are just learning about the Extreme Makeover in Georgia, the William's family is from Pine Mountain Valley, GA. Jeremy the father, who is the football coach at Greenville High school, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Jacob the son, at birth was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. According to friends, "The Williams are the ideal Christian family, who will do anything to help others!" The house before the makeover, was falling apart around them. The air conditioner had been leaking causing mold in the walls and due to the handicap family members the house was just to small. Family, friends, and tons of sponsors in the past few weeks assembled to prepare for the build and, once the details were worked out this past Sunday the bus rolled into town and the Cast members woke the family up to their loud bullhorn.

We arrived on set around ten o'clock to have to wait till sometime before five for the family to come home. Cold and windy, Anna and I set in the press area filling up our cards with celebrity surprise visits: the REAL family from the Blind Side-Leigh Anne(mother) and Collins(sister), Wilmer Valderrama-Fez from That '70s Show, and the Extreme Makeover cast mingled in the crowd for pictures and autographs. Each made an appearance for the camera and then took off for lunch leaving the crowd for an extended wait. Contrary to many beliefs, Hollywood is portrayed perfectly in the movies. People show up prepared for a bus to move and instead they get to see, action...cut...action...cut...and so on! But please do not misunderstand me, yesterday was like no other event we have ever been able to experience. It was more exciting than I could have prepared for although I was tired beyond belief from the standing and waiting.

Filming began shortly after twelve with volunteers moving in furniture. Then cameras were relocated towards the crowd for cheers and waves. Once the perfect shot was achieved we finally saw the bus and limo sometime before five o'clock. After waiting all day, the family exited the limo to the welcoming cast members, builders, friends, and volunteers. Emotions ran wild as Ty spoke with the family about the past week and how it was such an honor for the Extreme Team to be apart of this. The spectators were quited and Ty gave the word..."MOVE THAT BUS"! The family broke down in tears and the special guests with the rest of the cast met the family for hugs. Filming continued and the family retreated to the new, beautiful home.

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